20 Must-Have Halloween Fonts for Your Creepy Artworks

Having a Halloween project block? We got you covered! Here's the ultimate list of 20 Halloween fonts that will inspire you to create awesome, creepy artwork!

When we’re suddenly surrounded by pumpkins, skulls, zombies, and bats, it can only mean one thing: our favorite time of the year has arrived—Halloween! With its arrival comes the usual challenge for graphic designers: creating inspired and captivating artworks. The typical Halloween aesthetic, full of clichés, makes it tough to break the mold.

It’s even harder to find well-crafted halloween fonts that capture that perfect mix of creepy yet authentic. Our mood boards brim with horror posters, flyers, and striking landing pages. Regrettably, most are designed with custom fonts. Time ticks away as we scour the web for Halloween-themed fonts, only to realize that discovering top-notch ones is no simple feat (on a side note, we also have an 80s font collection you might want to explore).

This year, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help the community. We’ve done the legwork to present twenty of the best Halloween-themed free and premium fonts. So, as you sip your pumpkin spice flavored coffee, delve in to find the perfect creepy font for your needs. Happy Halloween!

Our Selection of the Best Halloween Fonts

As the creepy day approaches, every graphic designer knows the struggle of finding an interesting font for their Halloween themed artwork.

Gone are the days of settling for clichéd typefaces. With this selection of Halloween Fonts we’ve unearthed a collection that balances the macabre with elegance. Stop the search and find the perfect font for your project in our curated list of creepy fonts that will make your Halloween designs stand out from the ghostly crowd!

Another Danger (Free & Premium)

Let your creativity burst forth with Another Danger, a typeface that truly reveals its worth when Halloween arrives. With wild inks touching every character, it creates an unmistakable splatter aesthetic. Embrace the edgy ambience, the nostalgic nuance, and the chaos-infused artistry of this creepy font!

You can download Another Danger font for free here.

Batsand (Free)

Batsand dances between strokes, and when it comes to Halloween artwork it is a true life saver, as it infuses any project with the perfect creepy atmosphere. Unravel your darkest designs with Batsand!

You can download Batsand font for free here.

Black Beast (Premium)

BlackBeast Typeface is a sharp handwritten font that instantly grabs attention. With its bold strokes and unique style, it’s a top pick. It’s great for scary, Halloween-themed branding, labels, clothes, movie scenes, posters, titles, album covers, and logos. 

You can buy Black Beast font here.

Chemical Machines (Free & Premium)

If you’re after the perfect blend of horror and vintage style, look no further than Chemical Machines.  This font stands out in monochromatic designs and pairs seamlessly with modern gradient text effects. Add a hint of creepy surrealism to create the perfect Halloween artwork.

You can download Chemical Machines font for free here.

Dreadful (Premium)

Meet the fresh layered typeface: Dreadful. Drawing inspiration from classic horror films and vintage comics, Dreadful is your go-to for headings, logos, quotes, apparel designs, invitations, flyers, posters, greeting cards, product packaging, book covers, album art, movies, and more.

You can buy Dreadful font here.

Dusk Demon (Free)

Dusk Demon is a bold, horror, creepy font perfect for Halloween artwork. Best in full caps, this font is ideal for standout headers, logos, apparel branding, event promotions, chilling posters, spine-tingling packaging, and cinematic titles.

You can download Dusk Demon font for free here.

Face Your Fears (Free)

Introducing Face Your Fears, crafted meticulously with brush strokes, paint splatters, and ink on endless sheets of paper. With its spine-chilling essence, this font thrives on websites, in games, and naturally, on haunting Halloween cards!

You can download Face Your Fears font for free here.

Fright Night (Premium)

Fright Night is a vintage horror font oozing with suspense, eeriness, and intricate diacritics! Drawing from retro horror posters and striking geometric design, it’s set to send tremors through your upcoming Halloween projects.

You can buy Fright Night font here.

Karloff (Premium)

Meet the chilling typeface: Karloff. Born from the shadows of age-old hauntings and eerie tales whispered in the dark, Karloff is the perfect example of vintage horror fonts. Its spine-tingling presence is perfect for sinister logos, ghostly headers, and haunting Halloween invites.

You can buy Karloff font here.

Silent Creek (Premium)

Silent Creek is an aged serif font adorned with imperfect ink-bleed finishes. It hints back to the vintage letters of colonial North America, evoking images of antiquated books, time-honored celebrations, clandestine gatherings, and a touch of the arcane.

You can buy Silent Creek font here.

Slasher Flick (Premium)

Drawing from the macabre vibes of 80’s bloodbath films, Slasher Flick doesn’t just set the scene – it spills the blood. Whether it’s film titles, book jackets, concert posters, skateboard graphics, or packaging, Slasher Flick always delivers the final, chilling blow.

You can buy Slasher Flick font here.

The Sonnyfive (Premium)

The Sonnyfive is a brush font with an 80s twist crafted especially for horror movie posters. While its roots lie in cinematic terror, its versatility means it can be used in any horror themed any project with its eerie charm.

You can buy Sonnyfive font here.

Spook Show (Premium)

Spook Show blends perfectly into retro horror or Halloween themes, and its wiggly outline also offers a touch of cold, anxious atmospheres. Whether it’s playful branding, Halloween assets or online game graphics, Spook Show is sure to find its eerie niche in your projects.

You can buy Spook Show font here.

Stranger Back in the Night (Free)

Strangers Back in the Night is a haunting brush font straight out of the 80s. Its eerie curves and deliberate strokes evoke memories of old-school horror flicks, whispered urban legends, and the chill of unexpected shadows. Perfect for nostalgic horror posters, spine-tingling book covers, and any project longing for that retro creepy touch.

You can download Stranger Back in the Night font for free here.

Speltale (Free & Premium)

Speltale is a shivering serif font that mixes the allure of vintage atmospheres with gothic intrigue. Designed by the Indieground Team, this font evokes a chilling blend of mystery, occult, and gothic atmospheres.

You can download Speltale Font for free here.

Swamp Witch (Free)

Swamp Witch is a proper font revelation. It merges the realm of retro horror or Halloween aesthetics and its unique soggy texture evokes the sensation of murky waters, ancient curses, lurking creatures, and misty nights. From sinister book covers and moody branding to eerie game graphics, Swamp Witch is destined to cast a haunting spell on your designs.

You can download Swamp Witch font for free here.

The Witches (Premium)

Meet the mystical charme of The Witches, a creepy font design tailored for your esoteric and Halloween ventures. With its spellbinding design, it effortlessly elevates logos, event headlines, social media captions, and even merchandise. 

You can buy The Witches font here.

Time Stop (Free)

Time Stops is a brush font designed especially for the Halloween season. Its brush strokes evoke the eerie stillness of a midnight haunt, and its chilling design captures the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve.

You can download Time Stop font for free here.

Unfinished Scream (Free)

The Unfinished Scream, is tailored impeccably for the Halloween season, its design captures the very essence of spine-chilling tales and midnight mysteries. Perfect for creepy artwork, Halloween cards, social media assets and more!

You can download Unfinished Scream font for free here.

Wax Museum (Free)

Wax Museum font, designed in both regular and dripping styles, it’s the quintessential choice for spine-tingling Halloween creations. From spectral invitations to ghostly graphics, let Wax Museum be the spine of your spooky designs!

You can download Wax Museum font for free here.

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Indieground Design

We are a team of designers, developers & photographers from Italy and we love to create striking graphic resources! Have a look around our website to discover more about what we do and the services we offer!

Indieground Design

Indieground Design

We are a team of designers, developers & photographers from Italy and we love to create striking graphic resources! Have a look around our website to discover more about what we do and the services we offer!

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