Illustration Inspiration #001

 In Illustration

Living on a planet as alive with rich subject matter as ours, illustrators have no shortage of material with which to work from. And around the world artists are using the craft of illustration to shed light on any number of a wide range of subjects. We use illustrated imagery to decorate, inform and inspire. From book covers to t-shirt designs, street art to album covers, human innovation within the realm of visual art is seemingly endless.
I find illustration fascinating because of its incredible range of expression. Artists use a vast range of materials to create their works, encouraging a variety of styles and techniques. Whether works are political, commercial, absurd or just plain surreal, the versatility and inventiveness of illustrative art continues to fascinate and inspire in equal measure.
The only limitation, it seems, is the imagination of the artist. The immediacy and reach of the internet makes it a gold mine for discovering exciting, new illustrative creations.
Each month, I’ll present you with a fresh batch of examples that I’ve collected on my travels through the world wide web. I hope you enjoy this weeks designs. Check back every month for my latest selection. Thanks for visiting!



























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