Typography Inspired #021

 In Typography

It’s impossible to live in the modern world without being exposed to a variety of messages in text form. Whether upon street signs, on television, in magazine ads or, more commonly, on the web, we are all consumers of the written word. But quite how that word arrives to us, and how it makes us feel, is something that designers are constantly working on refining and mastering.
Indeed, it’s the skill of taking the written word and enhancing it into something both beautiful and instructional, that lies at the heart of great typography.
To me, typography is an exciting, yet largely under appreciated art form. So, every month, I’ll be presenting you with the best in classic and contemporary typographic design from all across the web to show how dynamic and versatile type design can really be. I hope you enjoy this weeks designs.
Check back every 2 weeks for my latest selection. Thanks for visiting!


























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