App License

Indieground Design

License Overview

The App/Server License is specifically designed for software houses, web agencies, companies, and individual developers looking to incorporate our fonts into computer software, web/mobile applications, and games for the dynamic display of texts on terminal servers.

Usage and Installation

Under this license, up to ten individuals may install and use the fonts on temporary development computers, as well as copy the font files to production web servers or include them directly within the software.


The license does not cover broadcast uses and does not permit the fonts to be resold in any form.

Financial Terms

There is a one-time fee for this license, which remains valid indefinitely.

Included in the License

  • Embedding of fonts in computer software, web/mobile applications, and games.
  • Embedding of fonts in a web/mobile app that enables the end user to generate custom rasterized graphics including the font.
  • A single license covers one software/app title across unlimited platforms, including updates and sales. Multiple licenses may be purchased for additional titles.


  • Creation of static graphics, logos, and artworks for display on any surface or physical products is not permitted.
  • Embedding of fonts in an app that allows end users to create custom vector typesetting with the font is prohibited.
  • Fonts cannot be resold or redistributed to third parties along with the app’s source code.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Our EULA grants a business entity (“You”) the following rights:

  • Installation and use of the font.
  • Make archival copies of the fonts for your own use.
  • Sending copies of the fonts as part of a file delivery to a prepress bureau.
  • Embedding fonts in other software files, such as PDF files, with adequate protection against font extraction.
  • Alteration of the fonts for your own use, while retaining copyright with Indieground Design and not distributing modified font files.
  • Distribution of the fonts as part of your products, either as webfonts on your webserver or as assets in your software package for real-time rendering, without reselling the font software.

Intellectual Property and Warranties

Indieground Design states it owns full intellectual property rights in the typeface and font software, ensuring they do not infringe on any third-party rights.

Warranty Disclaimer

Indieground Design expressly disclaims any warranties for the fonts, which are provided “as is” without any kind of warranty, either expressed or implied. All risks arising from the use or performance of the fonts rest solely with you. Indieground Design will not be liable for any damages resulting from the use or inability to use the fonts.

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