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Photoshop Brushes & PNG Files

Pens Kit is your go-to resource for drawing, scribbling, and doodling on your digital artwork! Easily achieve that grungy scrapbook aesthetic with a huge choice of PNG pen strokes, shapes, and lines—or draw them yourself using the 5 Photoshop brushes!
This awesome Pens Kit comes with over 850+ transparent PNGs, plus 5 Photoshop brushes perfect for scribbling and creating your own unique doodles. Simply place the PNGs on your canvas or select one of the 5 brushes to start drawing on images, pictures, or artwork – you can use one of the 10 bonus textures included in the pack as a background and start in seconds! Pens Kit includes two primary features. First come 5 different brushes for Photoshop you can use for drawing, doodling and ruining your artwork in the most realistic way, allowing for maximum creativity with a genuine pen feel. Start doodling and drawing on your artwork and get the realistic effect of a ballpoint pen, a fountain pen, a colored pen, a fineliner or a pen out of ink.. you’ll achieve that edgy grunge effect with no effort! The second feature is an extensive collection of 850+ transparent PNGs that you can easily add to your artwork, by dragging-dropping and placing the shape you like directly on your canvas. With a variety of scribbles, shapes, symbols, patterns, lines, and even handwritten notes to use as backgrounds, you can craft a grungy, disturbed atmosphere or add a contemporary edge to your artwork. And the cherry on top? We’ve included 10 bonus textures to kickstart your next  creative project!

This is what you get

This awesome Pens Kit for Photoshop includes:

  • .abr file for Photoshop, including 5 Pen Brushes:
    • Ballpoint Pen
    • Colored Pen
    • Out-of-ink Pen
    • Fineliner
    • Fountain Pen
  • 850+ transparent PNGs already organised and super easy to find:
    • Scribbles
    • Shapes & Symbols
    • Frames
    • Patterns
    • Lines & Strokes
    • Backgrounds
    • Images average size: 3000px
    • Images resolution: 300dpi
  • 10 Bonus Textures to use as backgrounds or overlays for your creative projects

Key Features

  • The most comprehensive Pens Kit you will find: 850+ transparent PNGs, plus 5 brushes for Photoshop. Let your imagination run, these tools will do the rest!
  • Pens Kit is produced by the Indieground Team, known by digital artists and designers all over the world for its high quality standards in creating awesome graphic design assets.
  • Bonus: the pack includes 10 free high-quality textures you can use as a background to get you started on your project fast.
  • With these huge choice of assets to choose from, you’ll be able to let your creativity flow, and create a grungy scrapbook atmosphere in no time!

Product Date

March 20, 2024

File Dimension

816 MB

File Formats


Software Compatibility

ABR Brushes are compatible only with Adobe Photoshop version CC 2016 or higher is required for this product.

PNG Elements & JPEG Textures are compatible with all professional Image Editing Software including: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Adobe InDesign, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Sketch, Adobe XD, Others.

Important Information

Why You Should Buy It

Pens Kit is the ultimate resource for easily draw, write, scribble and doodle on your digital artwork. Thanks to the super realistic pens look and feel you will get that authentic grungy effect in no time! Included in our awesome Pens Kit are a huge variety of transparent PNGs you can easily place on your canvas: shapes, lines, patterns, strokes and symbols. Very easy to place, move and manipulate in order to achieve a grungy, slightly disturbed effect, or a contemporary ruined aesthetic. And if you are looking for even more versatility, you can use the 5 brushes for Photoshop that will guarantee you absolute creative freedom!
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